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History of Lonestar: Little yellow house with the big commercial sign has been affectionately described of the oldest continually operating real estate in Andrews and houses both the most combined years and median years & real estate agent experience. We are not franchise; we are owned company that adopted the name “Lone star real estate “Local veteran in 2007 home of us were born and raised in this city and the rest of us exclaim. We got here just a from as (we) could!” we wouldn’t trade the move to Andrews for anything.

If you aren’t familiar with Andrews, the first thing to know is that we are an exceptional community. Remember this and everything else will fall into place. This community in the heart and soul of our business, and we love every mile of it. In this town, one individual can and does make a difference.

As Individuals we volunteer (our time and resources) to worthy commuters and events that we are passionate about. As a team we strive to give back to the community that has given to us. Working together to keep Andrews strong and exceptional both through our business and our volunteer efforts.